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June Ambrose Is OK with Celebrities Not Getting the Met Gala Theme

june ambrose red carpet

Image: WENN

Every year the Met Gala red carpet showcases celebrities who clearly dress with the year’s theme in mind, as well as those who decide to do their own thing. While deviating from the motif is a little annoying for some fashion fans eager to see creative sartorial interpretations of the event’s subject, for June Ambrose, it’s not that big of a deal. 

The stylist to the stars told Page Six that she didn’t mind the decidedly non-Chinese-inspired gowns that hit the red carpet, particularly the sheer ones at the event. “It was a lot of that sheer, Bob Mackie-inspired pieces, which is not Chinese,” she said, referencing the barely-there looks sported by stars like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian. “You know, they’re musicians. Do they follow rules? Never. Listen, they were stage-savvy. A lot of people thought they weren’t right for that particular venue. But when you have a killer body like those ladies have — and again, they’re musicians, they’re artists, they’re not models — they’re gonna take things out of context. You don’t really give them rules.”

Sure, rules are meant to be broken but, ironically, one of fashion’s biggest rule-breakers, Rihanna, stayed true to the night’s theme and provided one of the most stunning looks and a moment that will likely be remember in Met Gala red carpet history. Regardless, they all looked amazing and certainly brought the glamour. 

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