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IMG Skipping Fashion Week Swim This Year

Fashion Week Swim

Image: WENN

IMG is pulling out of Miami Fashion Week Swim this year, which will leave the fashion event without many of the sponsored shows that make up much of the affair. IMG says they are postponing the affair until 2016, which means if you were headed to Miami Fashion Week this year, there will likely be fewer events to attend.

According to the Miami Herald, IMG, which lost Mercedes-Benz as a Fashion Week sponsor, says they are putting the events off until next year while the company figures out how to “better reflect the unique needs of its designers and partners.” In addition, Miami Beach has been trying to relocate the tents the event is held in and weren’t having much luck finding an appropriate location. Other events planned for Fashion Week Swim will still take place. Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach is opening up its tents to those designers who would have shown with IMG. In addition, other tradeshows will be going on during the week, like the Swimwear Association of Florida’s SwimShow trade show. Such events are expected to be an attraction for plenty of people. 

IMG is expected to return to the Miami Fashion Week Swim circuit and has reportedly been working to reposition their event. As chief marketing officer and executive vice president at the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau Rolando Aedo says, “We’ve been assured by IMG personally that because of the new owners and the new vision, that they were going to take what has been a great solid trade event…to a very broad consumer lifestyle fashion event.” We guess we’ll be seeing what changes IMG applies to Fashion Week Swim when they return in 2016. 

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