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Kim Kardashian Has Really Disappointed ANTM Contestant Alex Sinadinovic

Alex from ANTM 2015

Photo courtesy of ANTM

Australia’s Next Top Model contestant Alex Sinadinovic is rather disappointed with Kim Kardashian, after the reality star deleted a photo of fellow contestant Izi Simundic from her personal Instagram account.

Izi won Kim’s fashion blogger challenge on last week’s episode of the show and was told she would “feature” on Kim’s personal Instagram account and the Kardashian Kollection’s Instagram account. With no explanation at all, Kim deleted the picture of Izi from her personal Instagram around 12 hours after posting it.


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“That actually upsets me quite a lot just because I know how excited Izi was to be posted on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram,” Alex, who took the photo in question, told The Fix. “It’s really disappointing especially when there was a promise made and it’s kind of like a bit of false hope for Izi.”

“But still, I know Izi would be so happy even if she was posted up there for one minute, she’s such a grateful, humble girl… it’s just a bit of a let-down and a disappointment,” Alex continued. “We thought it was going to be for longer.”

Alex and Izi from Australia's Next Top Model

Photo courtesy of ANTM

The photo of Izi is still on the Kardashian Kollection’s Instagram, which has 30 million less followers than Kim’s, but both photos failed to properly tag Izi anyway.

“Kim Kardashian should’ve tagged Izi,” Alex added to The Fix. “Especially because, for privacy reasons before the show started, we actually got told to delete our Instagrams, and Izi has a semi-famous blog called The Editorialist and she had quite a lot of Instagram followers,” she continued.

“When this challenge arose saying that she could be exposed to 20 million, now 30 million on Kim’s Instagram, and to be posted on there and gain all those followers back plus more, plus be booked for jobs and be exposed to people across the fashion industry… I just know how excited she was over that,” Alex explained.

Regardless of her disappointment with the selfie queen at the moment, Alex said she’ll forever be a fan of Kim and the Jenners. “She’s a style inspo to me,” Alex said of Kim. “I need her every day!”

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