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H&M to Launch New and Improved Beauty Range

H&M beauty

Image: courtesy H&M

H&M has announced that it will be pumping some life into its beauty options with a revamped beauty range, due to hit shelves this fall. 

H&M’s current cosmetic collection isn’t necessarily worth a rush trip to the store. There is bronzing powder, lipstick, nail wraps and a bevy of tools like eyelash curlers and brushes – but a quick look at the offerings and it’s clear to see that H&M’s beauty range certainly could do with a makeover itself. The options are quite limited and don’t boast the most sophisticated packaging. 

But all of that is about to change. H&M will open up “dedicated beauty areas” in stores, an idea which seems to be reminiscent of the Swedish retailer’s approach to cosmetics at its & Other Stories stores. H&M will introduce a line of more than 700 new products to replace the current collection with plans to add limited edition and seasonal ranges throughout the year. There will be two collections under the H&M beauty umbrella, a premium and an eco-friendly version, with products approved by Ecocert.

“We are very excited to have ‘fashion for the face’ on offer at H&M. It’s an opportunity to be inventive, creative and to have fun with colours,” H&M Beauty concept designer Sara Wallander said. What’s in store for H&M’s new beauty collection? Sophisticated packaging and what looks like a more exciting array of color options. The range will also include haircare, bodycare and beauty tools.

[via H&M]