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Everyone Hates the ‘Jem and the Holograms’ Trailer

The 80s cult cartoon Jem is getting a live-action remake and it looks like a lot of what folks used to love about the cartoon — its campiness, silliness and overall fun vibe — has been completely sucked out in favor of a more dramatic tone. 

Fans of the show were excited for their favorite vintage cartoon to be resurrected on film where the parts were played by real people, but now that the trailer has been released, there seems to be quite a bit of disappointment with the serious turn the film will take. The new movie seems like more of a musical teenage drama and Jem fans are not holding back in expressing their sheer displeasure over the trailer. 



Headlines announcing the trailer say it “may disappoint ’80s kids” and “isn’t as magical as you expected.” Another calls the preview “truly outrageous – in how bad it is.” Ouch. Perhaps once the film hits theaters Jem fans may change their tune, but it looks as if the movie is so far from the original cartoon that those with a taste for Jem nostalgia may not even want to shell out the cash for a ticket. 

Watch the trailer above and tell us — are you psyched or bummed about the film?

[h/t BuzzFeed]