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72 Dead in Philippine Factory Fire

philippine factory fire

Image: Getty

It seems that every few weeks we hear of another disaster in a factory filled with people who make our clothes and shoes. This time, a footwear factory outside Manila caught ablaze and 72 people are dead in the aftermath. 

A factory in Valenzuela City owned by the Kentex Manufacturing Corp. went up in flames, which is believe to have been caused by welding work going on at the entrance to the factory. Investigators say that the sparks from the welders set nearby containers of chemicals on fire. Of course, this fire brought up questions about the unsafe working conditions in this particular factory, which had bars on the windows that kept people from escaping during the blaze. 72 people are said to have been killed and many of them were on the second floor of the building, leading investigators to believe the workers were trapped. 

Many of the bodies are said to be burned beyond recognition, making identifying the victims difficult for authorities. The Kentex Manufacturing location is said to be where Havana flip flops are produced, a knockoff of the famous Havaianas footwear.

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