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George Clooney Pulls out of Tom Ford Movie

Tom Ford Movie

Image: WENN

Tom Ford’s plans for his forthcoming Nocturnal Animals film have hit a snag now that George Clooney has removed himself from the project. Clooney was supposed to produce the film, but he recently pulled out, blaming scheduling conflicts for his exit. “No falling out at all. It was just scheduling…We just couldn’t do it when he [Tom] needed to go,” Clooney told Page Six, contrary to rumors that he and Ford were parting ways over creative differences. 

Ford is said to have tapped Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal to star in the film, based on the book Tony and Susan. The movie won’t follow the plot line of the novel completely, as Ford’s said he’s added his own revisions to the film, which was supposed to be produced by Clooney’s Smokehouse Pictures. 

Ford’s turnaround time to get the film out is apparently rather tight. That’s on top of his other day job, designing. He has his duties to his namesake label and as WWD mentioned, needs to shoot the film between September 15 and December. The designer/director didn’t seem worried about the short schedule, saying, “I only need six weeks.” 

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