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Watch: Cate Blanchett Denies Any Sexual Relationships with Women

The internet got a little excited last week thinking that Cate Blanchett had been in ‘many’ relationships with women, but the Australian actress has cleared up speculation about her sexual orientation at Cannes Film Festival on Sunday, May 17.

Variety magazine recently published an article which said Cate had “many” relationships with women but that she didn’t “elaborate” on the topic. However, that’s not really how Cate remembers the interview going down.

“From memory, the conversation ran: ‘Have you had relationships with women?’ and I said, ‘Yes, many times. If you mean I’ve had sexual relationships with women the answer is no,’ but that obviously didn’t make it to print,” Cate clarified at Cannes Film Festival over the weekend.

Variety‘s film editor, Ramin Setoodeh, claimed on Twitter that Cate was “accurately quoted” and that “She never said the second sentence in the interview.” I guess it’s his word against hers at the moment. But, as Cate so eloquently put it, “In 2015 the point should be, who cares?”