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Finally – Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Video

After spending the past week teasing image after image of all her famous homies appearing in her new music video, Taylor Swift finally premiered “Bad Blood” at the start of the Billboard Music Awards. As promised, the video was full of famous people (mostly women) doing badass things. 

Taylor and her celebrity cohorts seem to all be part of some underground secret agency of bionic women. The music videos had all the celeb cameos it promised – Karlie Kloss and Tay Tay box it out in a rink, Taylor and Lily Aldridge fight one-on-one in a snow-filled chamber, Elie Goulding shoots an enormous gun. There were also appearances from Mariska Hargitay and Cindy Crawford, whose brief presences were all too welcome.

But for all the hype around the video, would we call it groundbreaking? Well it was definitely entertaining but for all the hype, we expected just a bit more. But still – it’s good celebrity fun and you can always count on Taylor to bring that to the table.

[Video: Vid.Me]