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Miranda Kerr and James Packer’s Relationship Status Is Back In the Spotlight

It’s been over a year since speculation started circling around Miranda Kerr and James Packer’s relationship status, but a simple snap from Cannes Film Festival has sent the rumour mill straight back into overdrive. 


A little @mirandakerr makes #Cannes film festival better!

A photo posted by brett ratner (@brettrat) on

Filmmaker Brett Ratner, who went into business with James in 2012 to create RatPac Entertainment, was spotted being friendly with Miranda on Instagram late last week, saying, “A little @mirandakerr makes #Cannes film festival better!”

Considering 47-year-old James was also seen chilling out in Cannes during the festival on his luxury liner, the Arctic P, it definitely makes us wonder if a rendezvous was on the cards. It’s the same yacht Miranda spent time on in Spain, where she was photographed last August.

We’re guessing it’s all just a little bit of harmless fun, because who wouldn’t get a snap with the leggy supermodel if they were in the same room as her? One can never be quite sure exactly what Miranda’s up to, especially when she continues to surprise us with runway returns, confusing outfits, being a no-show at her brother’s engagement party and Selena Gomez cuddles, but we’re definitely watching this space.