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Rihanna’s Dior Secret Garden Film Is Everything

IT’S FINALLY HERE. We’ve been waiting with bated breath for the big reveal of Rihanna’s Dior Secret Garden IV fashion film and here it is folks, in all its glory. 

King Louis XIV’s crib never looked so badass until Rihanna stepped in the spot dipped in these luxurious Dior threads. If you can get through this video without saying “yaaas” at least once, then you truly have a heart made of metal. Not only do we get to hear Rih’s new track “Only If for a Night,” in the video, but we also get to watch the singer pose, twirl and strut like the true boss she is through Versailles.

Rihanna is the first black face of Dior, and if this film tells us anything, it’s that she definitely deserves another Dior campaign – and, of course, that Dior needs to also start casting more people of color in their campaigns. Either way, Rihanna looks spectacular and we could not be more pleased with the outcome. 

Watch Riri kill it in the video above.

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