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Now Your Man’s Skin Can Look as Good as Rob Lowe’s

Rob Lowe

Image: WENN

Anyone with two eyes can see Rob Lowe’s got great skin and, like any business-minded celebrity, he’s looking to cash in on one of his best features. The actor is delving into the grooming world with the launch of his very own skincare brand for men, Profile, a line which Lowe makes very clear that he himself founded and built over the past six years. “I’m not the celebrity endorser, I’m not the face of the product. I’m the developer of it. I have an entrepreneurial spirit … I’m just very proprietary about my communications and my aesthetic.”

The products in the “performance grooming” line all have an anti-aging aspect and include a cleanser, shave gel, aftershave serum, eye serum and a moisturizer. The soon-to-be available products are free of toxins and aren’t diluted with extra water. Profile for Men will launch e-commerce this week and will roll out in Nordstrom stores this fall. Lowe said he specifically created the collection to address the unique needs of men’s skin, assuring users that this isn’t simply a women’s line repackaged as a men’s product. Lowe has plans to expand the range into haircare products and he’s working on creating the perfect SPF-infused moisturizer.

Prices for the collection start at $24.50 and peak at $59.50 – so fellas, there’s now no excuse for your skin to not look as flawless as Rob Lowe’s.

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