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Model-Rapper Fugitive Roky Million Hints at Producing Prison-Inspired Album While Behind Bars

Roky Million

Photo: Twitter

Ben Fiberesima, who goes under the rapper name Roky Million, has been put behind bars after being found guilty on multiple charges including theft and making false representations.

Fans of his alter ago, which saw him living a double life in Australia as a high-fashion model and rapper, needn’t be too disappointed, though, because it seems as though Roky could be working on a debut album while on the inside.

Although Kilburn Times reports that Roky, who had modelled for the big guns like Calvin Klein and Tom Ford, was put behind bars this week, Roky’s Twitter account is still very much active.

After almost a six-month hiatus from the blue bird, with the last tweet on December 30 suggesting his management would take over, Roky’s account has posted twice in the last 12 hours.

“Thank U newpapers 4 defamating my character this week. I’ll respond accordingly (NOV/DEC) with my debut album ‘LIFE IN PRISON’ #rokymillion,” the first tweet read.

“And thanx to the girls sending me those lovely pictures ;0) PS. For any professional enquiries please contact [email protected],” read the second.

We’re not sure what kind of enquiries he’ll be taking while locked up, unless the prison has agreed to some kind of inmate-chic photoshoot, but we’re not so surprised he’ll be working on an album while he’s in there. He’s got to do something to pass the time, right? Three years and nine months isn’t a walk in the park.

According to Roky, his debut album, Life in Prison, is expected to be released from November 1, 2015.

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