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The Stenmark Twins Say Little Bro, Louis, Will Take On “Sneaky” Modelling Jobs


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Just when you thought you’d seen everything the Stenmark brood had on offer, in comes a third brother, Louis Stenmark, who isn’t necessarily about to put his good looks to waste.

Catching up with twins Jordan and Zac Stenmark at the AFFAs earlier this week, the handsome duo tells us how proud they are of Louis’ first major modelling gig and whether or not it’s a career path they think he’ll follow.

Talking about the recent Calvin Klein shoot the three worked on together for StyleMeRomy, Zac says, “He did really well.” Jordan adds, “We’re such a tight-knit family, so it was amazing to be able to work with our little brother and have his first little go at modelling.” And who wouldn’t have a “little go at modelling” with a chiselled jawline like that, we ask?

But don’t expect to see them being booked as a trio just yet. Zac revealed that Louis, although a gorgeous model in the making, isn’t quite ready to join his twin brothers in the modelling world.

Stenmark Twins

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“I think he’s really focusing at the moment on his athletics and his school, so I think he’s just going to see where everything goes but that’s what he’s kind of focusing on,” Zac explains.

Before reaching for the Ben & Jerry’s and curling into fetal position because you won’t get to see as much of Louis as you may have liked, remember, there is always hope. Scruff-faced Jordan tells us, “If there’s a sneaky job here and there, I’m sure he’ll jump in.” BRB, calling all casting agencies to send out “sneaky job” briefs, stat.

When it comes to the Stemarks, the more the merrier.