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An LA Sex Shop Wardrobed Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ Music Video

One thing we can all agree on about the “Bad Blood” music video is that the wardrobe is very, very sexy. And it’s not by coincidence that Swift and her feminist heroes (minus, of course, Kendrick Lamar) were clad in such racy looks. According to Page Six, a lot of the outfits were lent to Swift and her crew by a Los Angeles sex shop.

The Stockroom, located on Sunset Blvd., is said to have blessed Swift with $13,000 worth of clothing, $5,000 of which they actually kept. Amongst the several items provided was Swift’s latex flesh-toned dress and Selena Gomez’s black latex blouse with puffy sleeves. 

Like any shop looking to thrive in the face of a major moneymaking opportunity, The Stockroom is planning to make more of the clothes Gomez and Swift wore for the video – a wise decision considering there will likely be a lot of people looking to get their hands on the sexy latex wares. Whether they use them as regular outfits – or for something a bit naughtier — is of course up to the shoppers.

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