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Simone Holtznagel Says Charlotte Dawson Has Been Visiting Her at Night


A photo posted by Simone Holtznagel (@moannn) on

Model Simone Holtznagel believes she has encountered Charlotte Dawson on three occasions since she passed away in February 2014.

The former Australia’s Next Top Model contestant told Fairfax Media, “It’s happened once at my grandma’s house, again when I moved into my place in LA and then just the other night in my hotel room in Amsterdam. It’s the most surreal thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Simone was very close to Charlotte after spending time together on Australia’s Next Top Model, thinking of her as a mentor, “2nd mum” and best friend. She is grateful for the visits rather than freaked out by the experience. “It’s when I’m in bed at night, she comes over and sits down, she talks and reaches out to touch me. It’s not scary, it’s just nice to see her, I still have her photo on my phone,” she explained.


A photo posted by Simone Holtznagel (@moannn) on

Understanding that some may be sceptical, Simone reassured everyone that she was sober during her encounters with Charlotte. “I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol, maybe I’m just really tired,” she said.

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