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Jaden Smith Gives Gender Norms the Finger at Prom


here’s to highschool

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Jaden Smith went to prom last night, and gave gender norms a proverbial middle finger by wearing a sleek black-and-white dress instead of the traditional tux.

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s son rocked the dresses-over-pants look, stuck to a monochromatic colour palette, and layered up with a suave black suit jacket. He slayed the fashion game, and there’s no two ways about it.


to all my loves: thanks for a great night

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The 16-year-old also had the hottest date ever, Rue from The Hunger Games aka Amandla Stenberg, and we have no doubt that the pair absolutely dominated the entire event with just their presence. We only wish we were as cool as these two at our own prom or formal, or just in general everyday life.


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Let’s not forget that this isn’t the first time Jaden has opted for a dress or skirt. Whether he’s at Coachella or getting about in L.A., Jaden loves himself some flowing options. He also wore an all-white Batman-esque suit, complete with a cape, to another formal in May, because fashion.

But being 2015 and all, we’re definitely on the same page as Jaden when it comes gender norms and stereotypes in the fashion arena. Men have been wearing kilts in the Scottish Highlands since the 16th century, and androgyny is a trend that rears its non-judgmental head season and again.

So while we’re all in some sort of tizzy over the outfit choice, be it good or bad, Jaden is definitely paving the way for men to be able to dress in typically female clothes and vice versa. It might take a while to normalise the image of a male wearing a skirt or a dress, but the conversation, thanks in part to Jaden, has begun.

Just don’t let those hemlines get too short, boys.