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Miranda Kerr’s Mum, Therese Kerr, Insists There’s No Family Feud Over New Organic Venture

Miranda Kerr has continually shown us that she’s committed to spreading the health benefits of going organic with her premium skincare range, KORA Organics. Meanwhile, Miranda’s mum, Therese Kerr, is starting her own endeavour with entrepreneurial venture Divine, an organic line of hygiene, health and beauty products.

Therese insists it’s not a sensitive issue, though, and there’s no bad blood between them because of the two businesses. In fact, Therese says there’s no competition at all.


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Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Therese explained, “You only have to look at the products to see they are non-competing bloody products — ours are deodorants and toothpaste and mouthwash and hand sanitiser and haircare, Miranda’s is premium skincare.”

Therese’s brother-in-law David, sister-in-law Jane, and son, “Matty“, work on KORA Organics, while her husband, John, and two nieces work on Divine. Therese also mentions that there are “others in both”.

There has long been talk of an ongoing feud between Miranda and her family, but Therese insists that Miranda is supportive of Divine products and is proud of her mum. 

“We are a close, beautiful, loving family and we’ve always been that,” she said. Miranda also gave a shout out to her mum on Twitter, sharing the news of the Divine launch and writing, “Congratulations Mum.”



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Therese, who is also the national ambassador for Australian Organics Australia, revealed that other obligations prevented Miranda from branching out into other areas. “Miranda has her own contracts which prohibit her from doing the things I wanted to do — that’s when we decided we would do it under Divine.”

Competition or not, we’re sure the mother-daughter-duo will continue to dominate the organic health and wellbeing industry, one amazing product at a time.

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