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Rana Plaza Owner and Others Charged with Murder

Rana Plaza Collapse

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Victims and families of the Rana Plaza building collapse may finally get some justice. Today, a Bangladesh court charged 41 people involved with the disaster with murder – including the owner Sohel Rana. If convicted, all will face the death penalty. Government officials and owners of other factories in the complex are also included in the group, which lead investigator Krishna Kar blames for the disaster. “All 41 of them have collective responsibility for this mass killing of more than 1,100 innocent people,” he said

The parties are charged with mass killing and also flagrantly ignoring codes and committing the violations that led up to the building’s ultimate collapse. It is alleged that the building and factory owners were well aware of the risks involved with allowing people to work in an unstable building, risks that were clearly ignored. Rana Plaza is considered to be one of the worst factory disasters in the world. 

The BBC notes it has taken over two years for formal charges to be brought forth to the responsible parties, many of whom have close political ties. Hopefully, in the end, justice will be served.

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