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American Apparel Granted a Restraining Order Against Dov Charney

Image: WireImage/Getty Images

Image: WireImage/Getty Images

Dov Charney better stay far away from American Apparel or face legal consequences. The smarmy ex-CEO has been slapped with a restraining order by the retailer to help stop him in his tracks with interfering with any American Apparel business. According to Reuters, Charney is barred from breaking the terms of an agreement he signed with American Apparel after being ousted last year, which includes “seeking removal of the company’s board members and making negative statements in the press against the company or its employees.”

Dov Charney has been steadily battling American Apparel since he left the company. In late March, Charney announced that he was suing the retailer for $40 million dollars in damages, for what he claims to be breaches of his employment contract. In addition to damages, some of which include severance and vacation pay as well as “emotional distress,” Charney also wants 13 million shares of American Apparel.

The battle between Charney and the company he built seems to be getting uglier every month. Just last month, American Apparel sued Charney for violating the aforementioned agreement so at this point, it seems like both parties are going back and forth, spending a lot of money on legal fees over a company that hasn’t turned a profit since 2009. Good luck with that, guys.

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