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John Galiano Changes Its Logo

New John Galliano Logo

Image: John Galliano

The house of Galliano has gone through a lot of changes over the past few years, mainly losing its namesake designer. But the John Galliano label just got another major update. The fashion house recently inked a deal with Modalis and under the new licensing agreement, it seemed like a great time to change the logo. Nicolas Ghesquière did it at Louis Vuitton, Hedi Slimane did it at Saint Laurent and now it’s Bill Gaytten’s turn to switch up the house of Galliano’s swag.

The gothic type of the Galliano house has been replaced with less ornamented lettering. “Embedded in this new identity is the energy of late Eighties London, when artists and designers twisted established ideas,” said Frank Durand, the man helping to bring the new Galliano image to life. “This refined-meets-raw attitude, also at the heart of the Maison, has strong graphic potential, so we played off that.”  Galliano label CEO Dominique deLongvialle also seems excited about the house’s new look. “We believe this new visual identity expresses a resurgence of Maison John Galliano’s creative output and revival of its original ideas,” he said.

We suppose it was high time the logo changed, since John Galliano is no longer at the brand and it doesn’t look like he will be returning anytime soon. He’s clearly moved on to his post at Margiela so it seems like these changes were long overdue. At any rate, are you feeling Galliano’s new look?

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