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New Barbie Dolls Can Finally Wear Flats

She might not be allowed into Cannes film festival, but after 56 years, Barbie’s feet are finally getting a rest. Mattel’s newest crop of Barbie dolls have adjustable ankles so Barbie can finally put on a darn pair of flats and relax. There is no word yet on the effect this will have on the chewable deliciousness of Barbie’s feet, but adjustable ankles are just one of a slew of updates the doll is getting.


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The dolls, part of Barbie’s Fashionistas line, are also heralding a new era of diversity for the iconic toy. In 2009, Barbie’s “So in Style” range introduced a collection of black Barbie dolls. This time around, Mattel adds eight new skin tones to the mix, as well as 18 new eye colors, 23 hair colors, 22 hairstyles and 14 new face shapes. Though it seems Barbie is still sporting those impossible proportions, at least there will be a fashion doll to represent a range of ethnicities. Baby steps, y’all.

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