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CFDA Cuts James Corden’s Terry Richardson Jokes out of Awards Broadcast

James Corden CFDA Awards

Image: WENN

We all know James Corden’s got jokes but some of his clever quips at Monday’s CFDA Fashion Awards were apparently too controversial for the broadcast of the ceremony. The Late Late Show host had some words for the industry’s resident creep, Terry Richardson, whom the fashion powers-that-be can’t seem to protect (and employ) enough, in spite of the several allegations of sexual abuse against him by young models.

“Me being here has disaster written all over it,” Corden joked during the ceremony. “Asking me to host the CFDAs is like asking Terry Richardson to host your daughter’s birthday party.” Burn!

Richardson wasn’t the only creeper on Corden’s hit list. The comedian also had some shade to throw at ousted American Apparel CEO Dov Charney, whose skeeziness rivals that of shutterbug Richardson. In his monologue, Corden wondered if now that Charney is out as CEO, “who is going to prey on [young girls] and make them do things that they’ll regret later in life?” His suggestion: “Terry Richardson?” Apparently, the allusion to the numerous times Richardson allegedly took advantage of young women was just too controversial for the fashion set.

A rep for the event says that the jokes were edited for time, but we get the feeling that time didn’t have as much to do with it as a desire to avoid a controversial moment. But since when is the fashion set scared of a little controversy? 

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