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Maddison Brown Forfeits Major Louis Vuitton Opportunity for Acting Gig

Maddison Brown

Photo courtesy of The Iconic

Choosing between a Louis Vuitton modelling job in Paris or a meeting with director Kim Farrant in Sydney might seem like a pretty dreamy predicament for some, but for model-actress Maddison Brown the situation was very real.

The 18-year-old, who was based in New York at the time, decided to meet with Farrant over the modelling gig in hopes of being cast for the film Strangerland

The Daily Telegraph reports that Brown chose to go ahead with the meeting, knowing that the opportunity may never eventuate into an actual role. She had to convince Farrant that she was the right person to play Nicole Kidman‘s daughter, Lily, a wild, sexually active teen who disappears during a dust storm.

“I auditioned seven times,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “After all the work I had done for the role, I owed it to myself,’’ she continued. “At that point, I felt it was mine to lose.”

Luckily, Brown got the gig. While the role bears some similarities to her personal life, she admits that Lily has some traits which don’t resonate with her at all.  

“My Dad and I butted heads for a while there,” Brown explained of her character’s issues with her father. “I had a bit of growing up to do. He is definitely a tough love kind of dad and I didn’t understand at the time,” she continued. “But the other, more promiscuous side of Lily. That’s about as far away from me as you could get.”

Strangerland opens in cinemas on June 11.

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