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Izi Simundic’s Top 5 Moments on Australia’s Next Top Model

Photo: FOX 8

Photo: FOX 8

Izi Simundic may have been eliminated from Australia’s Next Top Model, but she’s still a total legend in our eyes. The beach babe from Bondi was a standout and personally our favourite contestant, but was sadly eliminated on tonight’s episode after she received one of the lowest scores for her challenge and photo shoot.

We still think she’s awesome, though, and loved every minute of her on the series. Take a look at our list of her top five moments on the show below.

1. When she nailed her first photo shoot

First photo shoot, first week, first girl, first shot. Izi was absolutely stoked when Alessandra Ambrosio told her that this stunning photo was literally the first snap of the day. Alex Perry was stoked as well, giving her a score of 9 out of 10. This was a huge deal considering the designer’s reputation for being the mean judge. Jennifer Hawkins looked like she was about to faint when Perry added, “I probably should have given it a 10, but it’s just too early.” 


Nailed it. Photo: FOX8

2. When she won the Kim Kardashian social media challenge

In week three Izi was grouped with Ayieda and Alex for the Kim Kardashian social media challenge. The challenge required the girls to style themselves in the Kardashian Kollection, run around Surry Hills and take the perfect street style photo of themselves. All within an hour, mind you.

The winning girl’s photo would get to feature on both Kim and The Kardashian Kollection’s Instagram pages, reaching over 20 million followers. 

Ayieda threw a tantrum and ran away and Alex took up most of their time being a control freak and taking 5 million photos of herself, but Izi still managed to get the winning shot despite only having a few minutes at the end to work with. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 3.18.16 PM

Izi attempting to hold back her frustration with Alex. Photo: FOX8


Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 3.06.04 PM

Izi’s winning shot that was featured on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram page. Photo: FOX8

3. When she pulled Lucy up on being a princess

When Lucy received the lowest score for the challenge in episode six she looked like she was about to flip out. Even though Izi only received a score which was half a point higher, she comforted poor Lucy by hugging her around the waist and reminding her that she always does really well in her photo shoots.

“I don’t always do good though,” Lucy snapped over the top of her, slipping into tantrum territory. Izi calmly replied, “OK, you’re getting cranky at me and I’m just trying to help.” 

Izi tells theFashionSpot, “I think everyone’s there for themselves but it is important to make sure you’re there for everyone else as well.” Got it, Lucy?

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 3.34.06 PM

“Ok you’re getting cranky and i’m just trying to help.” Photo: FOX8

4. When she killed a spider, because all the other girls were too scared

We got a brief glimpse into life inside the model mansion with a short clip of the girls finding a spider in their living room. While the other girls run around screaming and crying, fearless Izi is the only one brave enough to face the dreaded creature. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 3.00.49 PM

Izi kills a spider in the Coogee model mansion. Photo: FOX8

5. When she walked down the side of a building, despite her crippling fear of heights

Seriously, what a champion. While the other girls had mini-freakouts, Izi stayed cool, calm and collected when forced to face her very real phobia of heights.

“It was the worst experience of my entire life, I thought I was going to die,” she tells theFashionSpot. She didn’t let it affect her performance, though, stepping off the ledge with hardly any fuss and gliding down the building with a smile on her face. 


Izi walks down a vertical runway for Miss Shop Australia. Photo: FOX8


We’ll miss you, Izi.

Catch our full interview with Izi about her Australia’s Next Top Model experience, and what she’s getting up to now, here.