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Celebrate Angelina Jolie’s Birthday with This Mind-Blowing Makeup Tutorial

Angelina Jolie

Image: WENN

It may be hard to believe, but Angelina Jolie is 40 (40!) years old. The actress, humanitarian and all around kick-ass lady celebrates her birthday today and looks more fabulous and gorgeous than ever. Angelina is possibly one of the busiest women in Hollywood. Between her acting work and philanthropic efforts, she’s also got a brood of six to take care of with the help of her smokin’ hot hubby Brad Pitt (and probably a few nannies — girl is busy, after all). 

There are plenty of people in the world who would kill to look like Angelina and thankfully, through the magic of makeup, you too can have Angelina’s chiseled jaw and pillowy lips. YouTube beauty guru Kandee Johnson shows us how to transform into an Angelina look-alike with her expert use of contouring, highlighting and some green color contacts.

Watch Kandee turn into Angelina in the video above.