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Good Luck Getting the Kendall + Kylie Topshop Collection Online

Kendall Kylie Topshop launch

Image: Topshop

Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s Topshop collection is already proving to be a huge success. It just launched yesterday and is already nearly sold out. Today, the retailer’s main page warns shoppers that they can “shop the last few pieces” online, most of which are already out of stock anyway. Those few pieces that are available, like an off-the-shoulder peasant blouse, only have a few sizes left, so if you were trying to get your hands on something from the range without moving from your couch, you might want to check out the Topshop website now.

The collection is still available at Topshop locations, which the retailer lists on a dedicated webpage. Yesterday, Kendall and Kylie hit Topshop’s L.A. location at The Grove to help promote the line – not that it needs any more publicity. But while you’re fighting with other customers over the last few pieces from the Kendall + Kylie collection, rest assured that the Jenner sisters also duke it out over items in their wardrobes, so you are not alone. As Kendall Jenner told Topshop: “It’s much easier for me to steal from Kylie now because I live in my own house so it’s all locked up and I never let her in if I’m not there. But Kylie’s clothes are all at my mom’s house so I can freely walk in at anytime and take whatever I see!”

The Jenner sisters: they’re just like us – save for the millions of dollars, endorsements, fame, celebrity pals and a successful Topshop range.

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