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This Video Chronicles 100 Years of American Fashion in Under 3 Minutes

Fashion is changing so fast, it sometimes feel like it’s hard to keep up. One year, high-waisted skinnies are in, the next year, everyone’s traded them in for slouchy boyfriend jeans. Given fashion’s constant state of evolution, it’s always nice to slow things down a little and get a bite-sized rundown of how we went from floor-sweeping skirts to rompers with cut-outs galore. A new video by blog Mode was inspired by Cut’s famous 100 years of Beauty series and created a short of their own, chronicling 100 years of American fashion in just over two minutes. 

The video takes us from the covered up silhouettes of 1915 to the ladylike codes of 1955 all the way to today, where the rolled up boyfriend jean and stiletto combo reigns supreme. So, if you don’t have the time to read a book on fashion history, this video is a great little crash course in all the trends of the past century. Take a look and see just how much the way we dress has changed over the decades.

[h/t Marie Claire]