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Mixed Emotions Over Willow Smith’s Marc Jacobs Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Marc Jacobs had our forums in a frenzy when Cher was unveiled as the face of his Fall 2015 campaign. Yesterday, WIllow Smith let it be known via Instagram that she will also appear in the ads. Sadly, a few of our forum members weren’t so thrilled to see the young Ms. Smith fronting the campaign, one even wondering why she was cast in the first place. 


A photo posted by Willow Smith (@gweelos) on

“Whose idea was it to cast Willow?? Scratching my head at that choice,” Benn98 wrote. “Anyway, her shot doesn’t look bad. I like that we have the age disparity, and both women look great and age-appropriate in MJ so far.”

“Willow Smith though…..I mean…..CHER………and willow smith,” Kite quipped, making it clear who they were really impressed with in this campaign.

But in spite of a few naysayers, overall people seemed pleased with her shot. “I actually like the direction of the campaign. It’s like the House of Haunt,” MON said. “We have Cher as Morticia/Emily and now we have Willow as the creepy doll considering how doll-like her pose is.”

Our members Nepenthes and Whats Ur Name both agree that Willow looks “stunning” in the shots, while TREVOFASHIONISTO rushed to Smith’s defense over those who weren’t quite feeling the campaign. “It was amazing and cute when Marc casted Elle and Dakota for the campaign, but it’s out of the ordinary to cast Willow who seems to fit the theme perfectly…” BA-ZING. Oh, the shade.

Nomar still is having none of it. “I loathe celebs in campaigns!”

We think Smith is a great addition and that her quirky personality is just perfect for this particular campaign. But that’s just our opinion. Share yours by joining the discussion in our forums