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The ‘Beardstache’ Is the Latest Trend in Men’s Facial Hair

Can’t decide whether you prefer mustaches or beards? Well, you don’t have to choose now that the beardstache is a thing. Razor sales are falling thanks to the popularity of the hipster beard and according to the London Evening Standard a new trend in men’s facial hair is dawning, giving us the best (or worst, depending on how you see it) of both a beard and a mustache. The beardstache has men rocking stubble or a closely shaved beard with a prominent, visible mustache.


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Ruffians barber Adam Brady explained to the Standard the style’s appeal. He says it is a good look for men who want to keep their facial hair, but are feeling a bit of beard fatigue: “We are seeing more people who aren’t sure about their beards any more,” he said. “Some of them are moving away from it but they don’t want to bin facial hair altogether.” Much like the lob, the beardstache requires its fair share of maintenance. In order to achieve that perfect beard-to-mustache ratio, you’ve got to groom. 

Jamie Dornan, E. Tautz’s Patrick Grant and beard model Chris Millington have all tried the beardstache on for size and if you’re still skeptical, just remember that if it’s good enough to look hot on Christian Grey, it’s good enough for us.


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