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Olivier Rousteing Explains #HMBalmaiNation in New Promo Video

It doesn’t matter what comes out of Olivier Rousteing’s beautiful mouth, just as long as he is speaking. But what the Balmain creative director is saying about his forthcoming collaboration with H&M is definitely worth listening to. The Swedish retailer just released a short video interview with the designer, who talks about the meaning behind the #HMBalmaiNation hashtag associated with the collection. In the clip, Rousteing talks inclusivity and bringing the Balmain look to the rest of us paupers who can’t afford a $2,390 blazer

What we’ve seen of the collection has been nothing short of exciting – the designer unveiled two looks from the forthcoming range on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet, looks that were almost identical to what we’ve seen on the Balmain runway. Rousteing has been very vocal about his love of fast fashion and he restates his positive sentiments in the short. “I am an H&M boy, I’m an H&M generation, I was getting the clothes from H&M waiting two or three hours… so I know the excitement that can happen.”

But whether or not you plan to stand on line for three hours to get your hands on the collection, you can certainly enjoy Olivier’s sexy French accent in this video. 

[via H&M YouTube]