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Yikes: Hipster Guys are Carrying Pocket Knives Now

As if the scourge of the hipster set on America wasn’t scary enough, it turns out this group of too-cool-for-school cultural elitists are also arming themselves. NThe New York Times just penned a trend piece on pocket knives being all the rage for stylish dudes looking to tap into their inner mountain man – without actually having to go to the mountains and do anything.

The piece includes “noted fashion photographer” Nigel Barker, who says that the young cool kids he works with all carry pocket knives, which admittedly makes us a little uneasy. Men are apparently carrying these things to feel manlier, which, um, if carrying a weapon makes you feel more like a man, we’re a little scared for the state of manhood. But while most of these guys seem to be using their pocket knives to open boxes, some fellas are actually putting their knives to more badass use.

“Wes Siler, 34, a Los Angeles-based blogger for the outdoors website IndefinitelyWild, who said he reached for his to help a man at the site of a car crash. ‘I used the pocketknife to smash the window and cut the seatbelt and pull him out,’ Mr. Siler said. And when he’s not playing action hero? ‘If I’m eating a steak in a restaurant and the knife isn’t sharp enough,’ he said, ‘I’ll pull my knife out.'” It’s as tacky as bringing your own hot sauce to a restaurant, but the cool kids are doing it so we guess it’s OK?

[via NYT]