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Teresa Palmer Opens Up About ‘Turbulent’ Childhood

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Adelaide-native Teresa Palmer may have made her mark on Hollywood in films such as Warm Bodies and Bedtime Stories, but it’s her latest role in Dreams  that really hits close to home.

Working on the project with her real-life husband, Mark Webber, the short film created by Vs. magazine has the actress drawing inspiration from her troubled childhood growing up in public housing.

Teresa portrays a single mother/wannabe actress in the short film, strapped for cash and living in a trailer park near Los Angeles. Despite the production’s efforts to dress her down, Teresa’s natural beauty prominently shines through.

Directed by Guy Aroch, it may be worlds away from the glitterati of Hollywood, but it is still a reality for many and a reminder of Teresa’s past. 

The 29-year-old actress and model grew up in public housing after her parents separated and divorced when she was three, which was complicated further by her mother’s mental illness.

Teresa recently told The Daily Beast. “My mother has schizoaffective disorder, which is essentially bipolar with schizophrenic tendencies.” Despite the rocky start in life, Teresa has prevailed and is one of Australia’s most exciting acting exports with her gaze set firmly on the future.


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With no fewer than five films currently in post-production, she has a busy year ahead of her. “I came from such a turbulent upbringing with my mum, it really makes me realise how blessed I am and how integral it is that I use my position to help others,” she told Vs magazine.

We think it’s inspiring that Teresa is using her platform to spread awareness of important issues like mental health, as well as advocating the message that, despite troubled times, anyone can go on to achieve amazing things, no matter your background.

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