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Gabi Grecko is Pregnant, Just Days After Marrying 72-Year-Old Geoffrey Edelsten

Gabi Grecko Edelsten is pregnant. Just three days after her intimate wedding with 72-year-old Geoffrey Edelsten, the 26-year-old model announced the baby news via Instagram tonight with a picture of her positive pregnancy test. The caption simply read, “OMG”.

She told Daily Mail Australia that she didn’t see this coming. “I’m really shocked. I have been sick for weeks and I didn’t know what was wrong,” she explained. “My gyno called and said, ‘You’re pregnant!’ I then took another test for myself.”  Geoffrey added, “She is a wonderful girl and she’ll make a wonderful mother. I’m so excited. I’ve been teary.”

Although the couple are over the moon, some aren’t so pleased with the announcement. Instagram user Teganiam_still wrote, “You understand that when your child is 18 Geoffrey will be 90???” She didn’t stop there. “This is actually fucking disturbing, why would you bring a child into a relationship that won’t be viable in 10 years?” she continued.

“I was always supportive of you marrying him because of love but knowing bringing a child into this world when you know their father will not be around for even a small portion of their life if fucking barbaric.” Gabi replied, “teganiam_still so bc of age I’m not allowed to have children with MY husband. That’s sick!”

The newlyweds have a February due date. 

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