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Guy Pearce Was Almost Deemed ‘Too Pretty’ for His Role in Priscilla

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Guy Pearce is more than a devastatingly handsome, imaginary future husband. He is also a beloved Australian acting export who got his big break playing a drag queen in the 1994 cult film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

But his scene-stealing breakout role almost didn’t happen because the director, Stephan Elliot, thought he was too good looking for the part. 

More than two decades later Stephan spoke with the Herald Sun, revealing that he initially thought Guy was far too “pretty” to play bad bitch Felicia Jollygoodfellow. BRB, just suffering a minor heart attack.

We know you can never be overeducated or overdressed, but apparently too handsome is a big no-no? That’s right. In this particular case, anyway. Before Guy could sashay away in the budget Barbie camper, he faced some tough opposition for the role. “The honest truth is that I didn’t want him,” Stephan explained. “He is too pretty, he was too handsome.”

Guy Pearce and director Stephan Elliot

Photo: WENN


Despite his blessed bone structure, Guy went on to deliver an iconic performance, ensuring both the film and his career  catapulted to international recognition. The casting risk also helped Guy escape the confines of Ramsay Street, where for three years he played Mike Young.

Stephan said, “For him, I think it was a chance to go out and kill Mike from Neighbours. It was his chance to put [that character] to bed.” He added, “He took to it with a vengeance. When he was in character, he could do everything that Mike from Neighbours could never be allowed to do”.

Guy eventually moved on from the cul-de-sac and went on to appear in blockbuster films like L.A. Confidential and The Hurt Locker. None of which might’ve happened if it weren’t for the break he was given early in his career, and for this we will be eternally grateful.

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