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Kim Kardashian Learns How to Properly Spell Giorgio Armani

Kim Kardashian Giorgio Aramani

Image: WENN

By now, we know that Kim Kardashian has most design houses at her beck and call. All she has to do is send out one well-placed tweet and the fashion powers-that-be rush to satisfy her every whim. This weekend, Kim had the ultimate #firstworldproblem when she found out her favorite shade of Giorgio Armani foundation was discontinued. Naturally, she took to Twitter to lament the loss.

Fortunately for rich and famous people like Kim Kardashian, the Armani team (who was not tagged in the tweet) heard her cries and came to the rescue, offering to send the foundation shade she needed, no problem. However, they couldn’t help but make a small correction; Kim referred to Mr. Armani as “Georgio Armani,” which is exactly not how his name is spelled. The Armani team reminded Kim of the proper spelling — which we’re sure she will now never forget.

[h/t Complex]