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Non-Hipster Hipster Ricki Hall Says His Style Is Inspired by Homeless People

We can all agree that hipsters are mostly annoying.Take, for instance, Ricki Hall, who has managed to effectively piss off the entire Internet with comments regarding his sartorial inspirations. The tatted up model with the extraordinarily lush beard sat down with the The Sunday Times to chat about his day-to-day. In the piece, Hall outlines how he cultivates his unique sense of style in the most eye-roll-inducing way possible: “I take style tips from everything, even kids and homeless people. They can pull anything together and it just works.” 

Guys, even homeless people can put an outfit together – and they don’t even rely on fancy design collaborations or overpriced contemporary labels. They just dumpster dive and accept whatever clothes the Salvation Army has to give them and voilà – they are the pinnacle of style. For how intentionally chic Hall seems to think the homeless are, maybe he can inquire about styling jobs on their behalf, since, you know, they dress the way they do out of the desire to make a fashion statement, and not necessity. 

Mr. Hill remained insufferable through most of the interview, mentioning that he hates being called a hipster. “It’s a label that means I’m trying to be different for the sake of it — like someone in Shoreditch,” but then goes on to say the most hipstery shit ever. A sampling: 

“Because of my beard, there are certain foods I can’t eat in public, like spaghetti and burgers, so I’ll order steak and chips and keep a serviette in my hand.”

“I always had a moustache and grew the beard out of laziness, really.”

“My tattoos include Super Mario and Mr Messy.”

“I can drink a lot, so I’ve stopped drinking beer — it was bloating me up. Instead, I drink red wine — white makes me think of ex-girlfriends, and I can end up f****** crying.”

“My look used to be 1950s New York work wear, with Doc Martens and skinny jeans. Now it’s more gothic and bohemian, like vibrant Russell Brand with paisley.”

If he’s not a hipster, then Kanye West didn’t invent the leather jogging pant.

[via The Sunday Times]