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High Heel Injuries Have Doubled in the Last 10 Years

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Are we getting clumsier or what? A study done by The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery has found that since 2002, there has been a huge increase in injuries associated with wearing high heels. According to the piece, the level of heel-related injuries has almost doubled, going from 7,097 in 2002 to 14,140 a decade later.

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Most of the injuries sustained are “sprains and strains to the foot and ankle,” But interestingly enough, most women are hurting themselves in heels in their own homes – and not during Beyoncé dance-offs with their girlfriends in a nightclub. So, all you ladies out there practicing your Naomi Campbell walk from the comfort of your apartment, try to be a little more careful. Young adult females between the ages of 20 and 29 are more at risk for these types of injuries, sustaining them at a rate of 18.38 per 100,000 women. Those aged 30-39 years have an injury rate of 11.07 per 100,000 women. 

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“Although high heels might be stylish, from a health standpoint, it could be worthwhile for females and those interested in wearing high heels to understand the risks of wearing high-heeled shoes and the potential harm that precarious activities in high-heeled shoes can cause,” the study reads, as if most women aren’t already aware that they are one bad step away from spraining their ankles in those Charlotte Olympia platform pumps they’ve been teetering around in all day.

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