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Johnny Weir on His Personal Style and Wearing Too Much Cologne as a Teen

It is always a delight to see Johnny Weir, the stylish two-time Olympic figure skater with a penchant for the theatrical. Whether he’s hitting the Kentucky Derby in an eye-popping floral headpiece or adding a bit of bling to the lapel of his suit jacket, Weir is not one to shy away from fashion and definitely loves to take risks with his outfits. We had to know what inspires his looks and last night, Weir revealed all to us as he made his way down the Fragrance Foundation Awards red carpet.

“I love beautiful things. I love to feel great when I’m out. I buy things and work with designers that I know will do that for me,” he told us, noting that his sartorial proclivities come from a place many of us who didn’t grow up rich can relate to. “I am from a lower middle class family and I worked my whole life to be able to buy these beautiful things that I’m able to wear. I want [my clothes] to reflect hard work, to reflect beauty and the art of what fashion is. I like to do things a little bit differently.”

Johnny Weir

Image: WENN

And he certainly does. Last night, Weir made his grand entrance in a rubber top by young Malaysian designer Moto Guo, shorts by Mikio Sakabe and a pair of Chanel wedges with a cut-out at the heel housing a pearl ornament. He topped off his look with an Hermès bag. “I have touch-up materials, my phone, mints, I have a bottle of water and Haribo peaches,” Weir dished to us when we asked him what he could be carrying in such a large bag. With all those effects, we think he chose his carryall wisely – after all, there’s nothing like a few delicious Haribo peaches to get you through a long awards show.

Fragrance was the theme of the evening and Weir harkened back to some aromatic memories of his own, namely growing up with the smell of his mother’s perfume filling the house every morning. “I always love to remember my mother getting ready for work. I was still in bed, and she was going to wake us up any minute to go to school. The smell of her makeup, the smell of the Youth Dew fragrance by Estée Lauder she’s worn for years – that scent of my mother preparing to start her day will stay with me forever.” 

He also reminisced about the very first fragrance he owned, Obsession by Calvin Klein. “I was just a little 13-year-old dude and it was too strong and masculine then, and it still is.”