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Darren Hayes Is Truly, Madly, Deeply Done with Savage Garden

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of a thousand late-90’s hearts crashing and burning, because they’ve just found out there’s little-to-no chance of duo Savage Garden ever getting back together.

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

It has nearly been 15 years since the news of Savage Garden disbanding was splashed across the pages of our favourite pop publications, and, though time heals most wounds, we’re still hurting like it happened yesterday.

The subject recently came back into the spotlight when the duo were asked by their record label to compile a new album consisting of the most successful material from their existing catalogue. Despite the fact Darren Hayes now resides in Los Angeles and Daniel Jones in Las Vegas, they have not had direct contact for quite some time and are even opting to promote the new compilation separately.

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Opening up to News Corp Australia about the split, Darren likened it to that of a relationship gone bust. “The thing with a band is it really is a marriage,” the Insatiable crooner said. “In our case we had a marriage that ended in divorce. People don’t get married by accident and they don’t get divorced by accident,” he continued. “There are reasons why musical relationships are magical and those same reasons are sometimes why they can’t last.”

All personal sentiments aside, Darren is fully aware of how important the impact of the band and their music was and still is for many. When asked about a possible reunion he quipped, “I’ve softened a lot to the (re-formation) question nowadays. I take it as a huge compliment when people ask if we’ll get back together. What they are really saying is, ‘You changed my life’.”


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Darren may have been a natural born entertainer, but Daniel was never one to seek the limelight for himself. The toll of life on the road was enough for him to instigate the split in 2001. He insists that there are no hard feelings between the two saying, “We still have a lot of respect for each other.” He added, “We don’t really have a relationship anymore because of the distance, he’s moved on and I’ve moved on, but we still have a great respect for one another. I still hear him speaking highly of me and that is reciprocated.”

Although we are sad that the pair have no immediate plans for a reunion, we’re happy to hear there’s no beef between the pair. Plus, we can always reminisce by blasting Savage Garden hits on repeat while throwing back to those good old days. We’re pretty sure we’ve got our recorded-from-the-radio version of The Animal Song on cassette lying around somewhere.