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Nicole Warne Nabs ELLE Australia Cover

Things are looking good for fashion blogger Nicole Warne, who’s just nabbed the cover of Elle Australia for July. “It marks the first time a digital influencer has appeared on the cover of a major Australian fashion magazine,” Nicole wrote on Instagram.

Nicole Warne ELLE

The Gary Pepper blogger is in good company, considering the last ELLE Australia covers featured Nicole Trunfio with a groundbreaking breastfeeding shot and Kim Kardashian sporting platinum-blonde locks.


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This isn’t Nicole’s first cover, either. She graced the cover of Lucky magazine alongside fellow bloggers Zanita Whittington and Chiara Ferragni earlier this year, and even had a solo cover with Renegade Collective in 2014.

This, however, is our favourite yet. It shows the blogger wearing a high-neck embellished piece with side-swept tousled hair, while giving off the same romanticism she portrays in her blog through a shoot at Parfums Christian Dior Gardens in South France. Quite frankly, the mag has nailed it, and we can’t wait to see what the 10-page feature will bring.

Getting to the bigger picture, though, Nicole’s cover with ELLE Australia is further cementing fashion bloggers as celebrities. And we kind of love it. There’s something so amazing about seeing someone relatable on the news stands. We just hope she’s able to keep that connection with her audience, even with the new high-flyer life she’s living.

Nicole Warne

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ELLE Australia is on news stands on Monday, June 22.