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Lisa Wilkinson Wants a Minister for Women Who Isn’t Tony Abbott

Today Show host and all-round boss when it comes to political issues Lisa Wilkinson has a prominent voice within the Australian media industry, and, much to our delight, it’s usually an opinion which wants to be heard. Especially by fellow women.

Speaking to Daily Life, Wilkinson expressed her concerns over domestic violence against women and gender inequality in our country. “We’ve got a crisis in this country when it comes to domestic violence; our figures, shamefully, are that one woman dies every week at the hands of a partner,” she said. “And we have a gender pay gap that’s the largest it’s been in 20 years. We need to focus on these issues.”

Photo: WENN

Photo: WENN

Wilkinson mentioned a way we can try and tackle the problem head on, one which will involve adjusting the portfolio of current Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott. It was almost two years ago now that Abbott named himself “Minister for Women”, a role which some would say he’s failing miserably at. 

Even that time he declared he had become a feminist at the 2014 International Women’s Day Parliamentary breakfast, factors such as the gender imbalance in his government and nostalgic accounts of women in power didn’t support his statements. 

We don’t think Wilkinson’s buying Abbott’s Minister of Women position, either, saying, “We need a minister for women who is not also our prime minister.” Could she be onto something here?

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