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Watch What Happens When This Guy Wears 3-Inch Heels All Day

Any woman can tell you that though high heels make our legs look fantastic, they are no picnic on our feet. Whether you’re wearing a single-soled pump or you have a little more help with a platform heel, if you stand or walk around in heels long enough, they’re gonna hurt. BroBible‘s Brandon Cohen has heard women gripe about having to wear heels a lot and wanted to see what all the whining was about, mostly “to prove that girls are huge complainers.” He decided to film himself wearing 3-inch heels for a whole day and the results were what any woman would expect.

As Brandon leaves his apartment and walks to his elevator, the pain kicks in. “I’m already in so much pain, it’s astounding,” he said. Oh, Brandon, but your day has barely started! Cameras follow Brandon as he teeters to his car, through the office and through shopping malls where gawking bystanders take pictures of him and snicker at the sight of a man in high heels. Walking down the stairs proves to be a particular challenge for Brandon, as does just about everything, including existing in public without the constant fear of being judged. Hmm, sounds strangely familiar.

All in all, Brandon learns that women aren’t simply whiners. Heels suck, but we do give him props for wearing them for over 10 hours, which is something even we wouldn’t imagine doing without bringing along an extra pair of flats.

Watch Brandon’s day in high heels in the video above.

[via BroBible]