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Gabi Grecko Fights For Gay Marriage From Her Hospital Bed

Model Gabi Grecko might be in pain from her nasty fall down a staircase, which saw her wind up in hospital, but she’s still aware of the pain Australian same-sex couples experience every day by not being able to marry the ones they love.


Nobody voted on your marriage! Advocate for equality and same sex marriage in Australia. It’s 2015 ppl!!!!!

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“I’m just starting to get rights in Australia and there’s an important subject I wanted to address, and that’s equalisation and gay marriage,” the US-born model explained in a video posted on Instagram. “I feel like they’re not putting enough importance on it here,” she continued.

“I think the government doesn’t want to legalise gay marriage because it’s not convenient. The government shouldn’t be thinking about what’s convenient for its people, it should be thinking about what’s right for its people,” she suggested in another Instagram video. “We should vote gay marriage in, get it in.” 

26-year-old Gabi recently got married to 72-year-old Geoffrey Edelsten, and the pair announced they were pregnant earlier this month. However, Gabi has hinted on Instagram over the last 24 hours that she has miscarried, posting a picture of a cartoon baby with wings and writing, “I’ve created an angel.”

Get well soon, Gabi.