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Skinny Jeans Cause Woman to Collapse and Go To Hospital

Photo: Getty

Photo: Getty

Beauty is pain, my dears, but sometimes looking good just isn’t worth it. Just ask the 35-year-old Australian woman who collapsed after squatting in a pair of skinnies, and ended up in hospital for four days.

Helping relatives move to their new home, The West Australian reports that the Adelaide woman spent the day squatting and cleaning out cupboard in her skinny jeans. As she was walking home through a park later that night, her feet became week and she fell, crawled to the side of the road, and hailed a taxi to take her to hospital.

Medical staff cut the jeans off her as they were unable to remove them any other way, finding out that the prolonged squatting had cut off the blood supply to her calves and made them swell. She also lost feeling in her lower legs as a result, which led to damaged muscle and nerve fibres.

The woman revealed that she felt her jeans getting tighter and tighter as the day went on. She was put on an intravenous drip in hospital, and it took up to four days for her to be able to walk again.

So next time you buy jeans that are that little bit too tight but look far better than the next size up, think long and hard about what happened to that Australian woman in June, 2015.

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