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Watch This Makeup Artist Transform into Ruby Rose

It seems every makeup artist with a keen sense of light and shadow is picking up their brushes to transform themselves into…well, just about whatever they please. Paolo Ballesteros has gained notoriety for his expert hand, contouring himself to look like pretty much any celebrity you can think of. From Kris Jenner to Beyoncé, his epic transformations have gained him more than a few Instagram followers. But this latest makeup transformation from artist Kandee Johnson has really gotten our attention.

Johnson posted a tutorial showing how, with just enough contouring, you too can look like Orange Is the New Black star Ruby Rose, aka the girl pretty much everyone is obsessed with right now. Rose’s feminine features and masculine edge have gained her plenty of fans and Johnson gave them a little love by making herself look like the androgynous star. And now, for some reason, we are way more attracted to Johnson than we were before…

Watch Johnson’s transformation in the video above.

[h/t E!]