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Andreja Pejić is Embracing a New Look to Prove Her Salt as a Model

Andreja Pejic red carpet

Image: WENN

Andreja Pejić has always been impressive in the fashion world. Walking both the men’s and women’s runway for Jean Paul Gaultier and becoming the first transgender model to ever be profiled in Vogue are just two of the stand-out achievements on her fashion resume. Now the 23-year-old is looking to focus on her own personal style, changing up her look to something more “classic” and “chic”.

Andreja Pejic

Photo: Getty Images

Speaking to Into the Gloss, Andreja revealed that she’s working on her new look and moving away from the edgy, andro-chic look we grew to love. “I did the jeans and t-shirt thing for a while. I think it’s cool, but everybody grows up,” she explained. “I went through a rock ‘n’ roll phase, a grungy phase, and now I just want to do chic.”

She also wants to prove herself in the female modelling industry, not that we think she needs to, and believes that a more chic approach to her wardrobe will help her to be a great brand ambassador. “All models go through stages, and although my stages have been a bit unique—I’ve done really cool, avant-garde stuff, and I’m happy to do whatever—I do want to progress and prove that I can do what any female model can and be a good spokesperson for a brand.”

Andreja Pejic

Photo: WENN

Andreja now wants have “a very particular style” and “a more classic aesthetic”, something which we can already see developing through her recent appearances. “It’s very flattering and makes me feel chic and feminine,” she explained of the refined style.

We can’t wait to see Andreja venture further into her new look, and, of course, see which labels she reps while she’s at it.

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