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Confirmed: The O.C Is Becoming a Musical!

Newport’s finest Marissa Cooper, Ryan Atwood, Summer Roberts and Seth, Sandy and Kirsten Cohen are welcoming us all back to The O.C, bitch. If there was ever a time to raise our glasses to Kirsten’s bottle of vodka and Marissa’s flask and say ‘Yogalates’, it’s now. That’s right, The O.C is officially becoming a musical, and we’re hoping it doesn’t slaughter the froth-worthy four seasons which symbolised our formative years.

Seth Cohen

Image: Giphy

Created by the same team behind the unauthorised Cruel Intentions musical currently playing in Los Angeles, the production will premiere on August 30, 2015, and, according to the show’s Twitter, will be just “one night only”. We’ve been promised an appearance by Trey Atwood, mmm whatcha say, and are crossing our fingers for a hot, hot yard guy, in the yard, who was hot. Hopefully we’ll also finally get to meet an alopecia-ridden China. Oh, and we’ve been assured that the musical is 100% Oliver Trask free. 

The production has also revealed that “all your favourite songs from the show” will be included, we’re just not sure in what format. Considering The O.C pioneered some sterling tunes via Marissa and Ryan’s make-out sessions, The Bait Shop gigs and NYE countdown specials, we’re expecting to have our feelings a little bit let down, given the comical nature of musicals.

If you don’t believe us, just listen to “The Summer of Summer” from the Vancouver’s Fringe Festival’s unauthorised musical parody of the series below. We’re sorry in advance, and sincerely hope the new musical won’t go down this path.

 Editors note: This story has been edited because “The Summer of Summer” was originally attributed to the LA musical, rather than the Vancouver Fringe Festival.