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Model Disrupts Rick Owens’ Runway with Protest Banner — and He’s Furious

Rick Owens’ runway shows always give us something to talk about, but an incident at the designer’s latest catwalk show has him seeing red. As Owens was showing his latest menswear designs for Spring 2016, a model named Jera took to the runway and pulled out a banner targeting the German Chancellor, reading, “Please Kill Angela Merkel, Not.”

Jera has worked with Owens before and he is counted as one of the designer’s muses. But muse or not, Owens was not at all pleased with the display – especially since the theme of the collection was about rejecting male aggression. “It was not my idea,” Owens said. “He pulled it out and I punched him when he came off stage. He’s been my male muse for the past 12 years or something and I think he just felt comfortable enough to do something in a show and I’m furious.”

Owens is very firm about the fact that he in no way sanctioned the disruptive display, though the irony of Jera making a scene in light of the collection’s theme is not lost on him. “When does ambition and efficiency spill over into aggression? And this model just gave into his aggression, and his balance was off. He became imbalanced. His aggression took over.”

We think that will be the last time Jera tries to make an unauthorized political statement on Owens’ runway.

[via i-D]