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#PowerofMakeup Selfies Fight Makeup Shamers

Women all over the world are diving into their cosmetic bags and slathering on makeup to let the world know: loving makeup does not mean you’re antifeminist. Last month, beauty vlogger NikkieTutorials released a video in which she made up half her face and left the other half bare to show the #powerofmakeup and demonstrate that just because a woman chooses to enhance her appearance with some well-placed contouring and a colored lippie, doesn’t mean she is insecure about her looks. Now, other women across the web are picking up where NikkieTutorials left off, showing off their half made-up faces to fight makeup shamers. 

The social media movement is allowing men and women to chip away the stigmas associated with wearing makeup. Cosmetics can be a catch-22. Women are told by society that if they do wear makeup, it should look as natural as possible. At the same time, we’re bombarded with images in the media of women impossibly contoured with full-on smoky eyes, lashes and lip color, telling us that getting glammed up is the pinnacle of beauty. This movement is about individuals taking control of their own appearance and feeling no shame in the way they choose to present themselves.

Wearing makeup isn’t antifeminist nor is it an indication of deep-seated problems with one’s appearance. It’s about individual expression, creativity and achieving the type of beauty unique to each person. And that’s certainly something that should be celebrated.

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